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 How Many Puerto Ricans Will Leave Home After Hurricane Maria
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It's a story about a family staying even though many are leaving.It got a little political at the end.That's why I posted it here.I'll post the political part.The rest of the story you can read by clicking the link.

Katiria and I spoke about President Trump’s recent visit to Puerto Rico. I asked her what she knew of it. “I heard he threw out some paper napkins and left an hour earlier than was scheduled,” she said. “And that he didn’t leave the San Juan metropolitan area, which wasn’t affected by Maria.” She shot me a shy, polite look.

Listening in, her father interrupted to say, loudly, “All he brought to Puerto Rico were those napkins. And you know what everyone’s wondering? What we’re expected to wipe with them: our asses, or our tears.”


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