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No Salvation
No Salvation

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 I saved a dog today.
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My stepdaughter, and her boyfriend, took in a stray dog that friends of theirs decided not to keep. They spayed her, wormed her, and generally treated her like they should have, but the dog had separation issues. Severe issues that caused damage to the living area, and the other dog. So through Facebook and personal friends, they found a new home for this dog. The only catch? The new home is seven hours North.

So at a little before 6 am, my wife an I headed South, to meet our kid with the big heart about halfway. At 9:30 we met Pepper(the dog), for the first time. She was completely mellow, and totally unafraid. We talked to our daughter for about 15 minutes, catching up since she lives so far away, and loaded Pepper's belongings into our vehicle. Pepper was placed in our backseat, and with me petting her, and talking to her, we set off on the three hour journey to meet her new family. About 45 minutes in, the dog fell asleep. She slept right up until we turned into the apartment complex where her new people lived. We pulled up, and as she exited the car, it was as if she could sense something. She immediately headed towards her new person, head butting, kissing, and generally showing signs of dog love. Her person returned the love, so we carried all the stuff into Pepper's new home, where Pepper just laid down, and began chewing a rawhide, content as can be.

We left, and have high hopes that we will not have to go retrieve the dog, and resort to plan B, which was to foster her with a friend of mine that does this for pits.

I am not a heartless monster, I just feel more sympathy for creatures that do not posses self awareness or ability to change their situation.

Plan C was bring the dog here, and hope our other two would accept her.

Du haxen Hase
Post 05/07/17 07:41pm
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Col Cad...Mutant...Extraordinaire

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I've always had more sympathy for animals than humans.Don't understand why but that's just the way I am.Good for you and the Mrs. for helping out one of God's creature.I'm sure if there is an afterlife you and the Mrs. will be rewarded.

Conservative Christian Coalition for Perfection

Post 05/07/17 10:20pm
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No Salvation
No Salvation

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Dogs are better than people

Good on you for what you did

Pray - "To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner, confessedly unworthy.
Post 05/08/17 12:28pm
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