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Demon Cleaner

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 Huemahns ARE the Filthy Fuckin Animals
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Especially in this story... Bites the head off a Chihuahua... What the fuck man!?

Puerto Rico man bites head off girlfriend's Chihuahua

( - - A man in the US territory of Puerto Rico has been jailed for biting the head off his girlfriend's dog.
Luis Arroyo was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to mistreatment of an animal and domestic abuse.
The 40-year-old attacked the two-month-old Chihuahua puppy and punched his girlfriend in the western mountain town of Lares on 4 February.
Judge Carlos Lopez Jimenez also fined Arroyo $3,000 (2,400) in the case.
According to El Vocero newspaper, jobless Arroyo had been living with his 38-year-old girlfriend for six months.
The puppy died instantly, the daily reports.


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Post 03/28/17 04:37pm
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Abogado del Diablo

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Punched her right in the western town.

That's gotta smart.
Post 03/28/17 06:19pm
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pissin into the wind

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Maybe she was talking when she should have been listening.
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Post 03/29/17 12:46pm
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Col Cad...Mutant...Extraordinaire

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Guess he wanted a little head.

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Post 03/29/17 08:29pm
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