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 Man Jailed For Feeding His Son to Pigs
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Fucking 25 years? For abusing and killing this child, then feeding his body to pigs? 25 years....
What would he have got if he hadn't plead guilty? 26 years?

Kansas Man Iailed For Killing and Torturing Son He Fed To Pigs

Michael Jones, a former bail bondsmen, pled guilty to avoid a harsher sentence

( - - A judge in Kansas has sentenced a man to life after he was convicted of murdering his seven-year-old son, torturing him and recording the abuse.
Michael Jones, 46, must serve 25 years for killing his son Adrian. The boy's step-mother, Heather Jones, 31, has already been jailed for the same crime.
Officials say Adrian endured horrific torture in his last year of life, and was fed to pigs after his death.
A Kansas politician has introduced a law requiring people to report abuse.
Representative Louis Ruiz introduced Adrian's Act, which would require family members or residents of the household to report abuse to authorities.
Under current Kansas law, only "mandated reporters", such as healthcare workers, teachers, social workers, and law enforcement officers are obligated to report abuse.
"If you witness child abuse, I don't care if you're a mandated reporter or not, we should report these things," said Adrian's grandmother, Judy Conway, who praised the bill.

Heather Jones

The little boy's remains were found in a barn on a property rented by the Jones family in November 2015.
He is believed to have died from starvation months earlier.
Investigators had gone to the home after receiving reports of domestic abuse.
While the couple was awaiting trial, their landlord discovered photos and videos on their computer meticulously documenting the horrific abuse Adrian had endured.
During sentencing, Detective Stuart Littlefield choked back tears as he described the final year of Adrian's life, which he said was the worst crime he had seen in his 23-year career.
"Imagine the screams of a 7-year old boy", Mr Littlefield said describing the abuse.
"And when his killers could no longer stand the stench of his body he was fed to pigs," he said.


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Post 05/09/17 09:11pm
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Dad should be fed to his own pigs while he's still alive.
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Post 05/09/17 10:56pm
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^Along with the mud shark
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Post 05/10/17 08:21am
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rub my belly

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Yep, feed'em both to the hogs.
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Post 05/18/17 11:59pm
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Now that's a nigger.And something as bad as he is should not die quickly.First would be a couple of white boys going all medieval on his ass,then the flaming of the groin followed by insertion of curling iron into anus,slowly getting hotter.Well, you get the idea.For me,I'd end it with skinning him alive.All this while the white trash watched

After I was done with him,I'd start on her.And it would be twice as worse and last a lot longer.


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Post 05/19/17 12:40pm
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Abogado del Diablo

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Thank god they fed the kid to pigs rather than raising a child the way people who'd feed a child to pigs probably would.

We don't need a person like that running around.

You gotta half-full this kind of shit, folks.
Post 05/19/17 01:05pm
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