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Col Cad...Mutant...Extraordinaire

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Originally posted by Wolfbitch
Yeah, if you're going to post another member's photo, you need his or her permission first. Because the minute I see the photo, I'm going to ask about it. (It's one of the few rules I still enforce.)

I wouldn't have done it even if I could.I was just funning with rugby,but it's good to know. happy4.gif


Conservative Christian Coalition for Perfection

Post 09/08/17 08:12pm
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Sorry if I came on like a heavy.
Sisters of Mercy -- Leonard Cohen

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Post 09/08/17 08:54pm
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No Salvation
No Salvation

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Originally posted by BigW
I had no idea that was against the rules.Thanks for telling me.

I assumed you were joking, but wanted to put it out there in worries

Pray - "To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner, confessedly unworthy.
Post 09/09/17 08:08am
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Demon Cleaner

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Oh MY Gerd!! Someone posted a member photo!!! That hasn't happened since the great member photo massacre of 2006!!! stunned.gif surprised.gif
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Post 09/09/17 03:27pm
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