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No Salvation
No Salvation

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 Lost Humanity?
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A rant, a collection of recent thoughts, whatever.

A coworker recently asked me about the gentleman that brought me to the current company. This gentleman was by all my recollections and interactions, someone I considered a friend. We trucked together on the same routes for over ten years more or less, he was an owner operator, and I was a freelance contract driver, meaning if someone had a truck that needed ran, I ran it, for a percentage of the net income while I was driving.

My friend sold his truck somewhere near the end of the last decade, and bounced around to various dump trucking operations, including the one I was sort of permanently working for in 2011. He left after a few months, and found a job with the company he invited me to join in 2012.

He was not a company type operator. He left a few months after I came on board, under less than ideal conditions, and that was the last I saw of him.

It has been five years, and I rarely even think of him, but I wonder what became of his old dog. She did not have much time left, but I hope where ever he landed, he was able to make her comfortable.

I dislike humans in general, but have more than normal compassion for dogs. Or really, animals in general. I have more Roy Batty days than Frank Boothe days anymore. I am not sure what this says about me, or others, but I felt like sharing.

Du haxen Hase
Post 07/25/17 07:51pm
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No Salvation
No Salvation

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It's not like in our grandparent's days when people gave a shit.
Today's people are way different and act pretty fucked up.

Post 07/26/17 07:12am
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No Salvation
No Salvation

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I am a misanthrope - it is not really a happy existence, but it allows me to appreciate dogs far more than I do humans.

Completely understand the sentiment.

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Post 07/26/17 12:52pm
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I prefer cats to people, but the more I understand about cats, the more I understand people.

So yeah, I get it.

But that doesn't mean I've lost compassion for people, and I'm certainly not a misanthrope--not completely, anyway.

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Post 07/26/17 01:33pm
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Twist top to left and pour...

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Originally posted by elemental
...Today's people are way different and act pretty fucked up.

Problem is, with a lot of people it isn't an act. upset.gif

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Post 08/09/17 09:52pm
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I believe as our society became more and more mobile we lost a sense of ourselves.From communities we became individuals roaming around from job to better job or just another job.Back in the old days we banded together to help each other.Your neighbor was more than just a friend,he was almost like kin.Around my area if a farmer is sick or injured and can't bring in the crop,a slew of his neighbors come a runnin' to bring the crop to market.It really is something to see.I'm afraid as more corporate farming comes along this too will become a thing of the past.

Most of us now exist on the internet more and more.The only real friends we can count on our are loved ones and our pets.If you're divorced or your loved one past,your pet becomes even more important in your life.

Life can be a bitch.


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Post 08/10/17 06:09pm
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