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No Salvation
No Salvation

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 Remember The Sopranos ?
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Was and is my favorite series ever, and I started watching the whole series a couple weeks ago - the ending still pissed me off. I remember the whole world being pissed and arguing over it, but I have found the definitive explanation and cannot believe I missed this for so long - probably spent too much time feeling ripped off and not enough analyzing the scene:

David Chase said at the time "It's all in there" and it is. The above link will take you through each frame of the final scene, and wow - I didn't realize how brilliant the editing was. Several times in previous episodes he set us up for the end with people saying "you'll never see it coming" or shit like that. Well, read this link and you'll see that Tony got whacked, shot in the head buy the guy in the Member's Only jacket as he came out of the bathroom.

For those of you who already figured this out or don't care, my apologies for this waste of bandwith - now get back to work

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Post 07/06/17 04:02pm
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No Salvation
No Salvation

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Do you have any thoughts on the continuation of Airwolf or the Dukes of Hazzard with different leads?

As far as the Sopranos go---They should have brought Ted McGinley in, and everyone would have gotten the ending. laugh.gif

Du haxen Hase
Post 07/12/17 07:13pm
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