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 Interesting Debate Happening in Canuckia.....
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Now I could give a rats ass..... Personally, I see huemahns as huemahns, go where ya want, be who ya want to be yada yada... In this case, I have no kids, I have no g/f, I have no membership to gender only clubs. Let 'em fight it out...

I'll post the story, but I'll also post some of the comments from CBC's comment section, so since, L.o.D. is made of a bulk of Americano's these days, ya'll can git some insight into what Canuckians feel about this story... Mind you, we find that in most comment sections it's the negative that post, but there's a bit of both here.

Banning trans women from women-only facilities punishes them for the sins of others

( - - The case of Body Blitz Spa in Toronto reportedly denying access to a trans woman is a good reminder that laws don't necessarily shift public opinion. And the lingering, fallacious opinion among many seems to be that trans women, somehow, pose a threat to other women.

The Ontario Human Rights Code explicitly forbids discrimination based on gender identity and expression. But nevertheless, women-only Body Blitz Spa turned away a patron because she wasn't born female, according to her wife. The provision on gender identity and expression has been on the books since 2012, but five years later we're still hearing cases of transphobia and discrimination in bus stations, dressing rooms and, yes, in spas.

There has been progress in some areas; the YMCA, for example, has had trans-inclusive policies for years. But such facilities are still in the minority, and indeed, the case of Body Blitz shows that the societal shift to acceptance is still very much in its infancy.

'We are not like other facilities'

The spa issued a statement in response to the controversy, noting that as "a single-sex facility with full-nudity, we are not like other facilities." It added: "We recognize that this is an important discussion for single-sex facilities to have and we will seek to find a satisfactory resolution."

Some observers are of the opinion that that "satisfactory resolution" should be to continue to deny access to trans women. They note that some cis women that is, women who were assigned female at birth, who identify as female can be triggered by the sight of male genitalia; that the presence of trans women will compromise their safe spaces.

This view ignores the fact that trans women are still women. To view them as dangerous or intimidating because of their bodies is to reduce them to little more than their genitals. It is to blame them for violence perpetrated by males.

Trans women are actually way more likely to be the victims of violence, rather than the perpetrators. A 2005 study, for example, found that 50 per cent of transgender women had experienced intimate partner violence in their lives. Trans women are also more likely to stay with abusive partners than are cis women, since discrimination leaves many trans women in poverty, unemployed and disconnected from community and family.

It is often because trans women are so often the victims of male violence that we, too, seek the comfort and safety of women-only spaces. We crave that community and sisterhood, like most women do. That's why we feel doubly victimized when we are shamed and shunned, excluded from women-only spaces because of how we look. The idea that we would suddenly be accepted if we underwent surgery to effectively "pass" as a cis woman is offensive and transphobic.

Shifting the blame

The consequences go beyond just hurt feelings: denying trans women access to spaces for women can be incredibly isolating, perpetuating the mental health struggles that plague members of the trans community. It also does nothing to fix the problem of male violence; it just shifts the blame onto trans women, and makes them suffer the consequences.

Safe spaces for women should be for all women. Period. We will not resolve issues of male violence by banning trans women from certain facilities or communities, and it will just make the lives of trans women worse. The law already recognizes that. The rest of society needs to catch up.


Comments: (names removed as CBC requires posters to use their "real names" to post in their comment sections)

I understand it's wrong to exclude people who are trans, but my wife refuses to go into a bathroom when a large person with beard shadow wearing a dress is in there. I don't know how we can accommodate everyone and never offend anyone.

I'm confused, is Body Blitz a womens shelter or a spa? With so much written about male violence, it makes it confusing. I agree, it is about the genitalia. Being a woman, and no issue with male violence; if I am at a woman only spa, I expect to see women only and no matter what someone feels inside it's what I see on the outside that will make me feel uncomfortable. And it actually makes me more uncomfortable knowing that the Transgender is lesbian. Women go to a woman's spa to feel comfortable... more

It's always some kinda contest with the guys around.

In 1991 Gwen Jacob went topless in Guelph, ON on a hot day. She was eventually acquitted of public indecency in 1996 by the Ontario Court of Appeal on the basis that the act of being topless is not in itself a sexual act or indecent. While this decision was only binding within Ontario, it is considered highly influential, and has been referenced and upheld several times, including in other jurisdictions. So nudity is fine as long as not in itself a sexual act or indecent. .

The sin of ... having a penis?

Interestingly, in Kamakura era (11851333) Japan, religious bathing was provided to the public free of charge, with no concept of gender segregation. So what is the problem now?

If you can say "transphobe" or "non-binary" with a straight face, you might be a CBC viewer.

What's the fuss all of these facilities should be open to persons of every gender. Our Saudi-like laws are nothing but prudery dressed up as morality. Naturism as advocated here in Canada by the FQN-FCN Union as the official Canadian representative in the International Naturist Federation is the way to go. The movement gained prominence in the 1920s as offering a health giving life-style with Utopian ideals.Many believe it will lead to classlessness and a breaking down of society and has... more

Fearon Steele
The modern left... claims to love "science". Believes there are 2 races ("brown people" and "white people") and thinks there are 63 different genders.

CBC, where all your leftist pervert agendas are welcomed given credence and validity.


All of it.

No matter how hard the leftists try, they'll never convince people like me that there's such a thing as a "trans woman". Take your leftie social agendas and shove them.

It would be a fairly cheap and simple operation for these trans "women" to have their testicles removed. I wouldn't mind having my tax dollars pay for that, while letting the patient pay for any other cosmetic work that they would like to have done. Cattle are relieved of these ornaments in a process that typically takes less than 5 minutes, and it is obvious that real women don't need these things. Removal might make things more agreeable all around, and should not be anything that trans... more

MEN with " BREASTS " are still men , and those " MEN " I would say work in the " trade " too service other men that have a latent gay leaning but are still confused about their preference . One just has too look at the far east holiday tours .

For goodness' sake, just make all toilets asexual like most of the Starbucks' cafe .... with a sign "male | female" welcome.

Peace please, people. By the way, trans people are the strongest-minded human beings for being who they are, kudos to them.

This isn't about toilets. And yes, they would have to be as stubborn as a mule to not accept reality and believe they're something they're not.

Is this what happens when the lunatic-fringe special-interest social-engineering groups get their hands on the wheel? They start fighting over which of special interest takes precidence. 'My special interest is more special than yours.' 'My victimhood is greater than yours.' The lunatics have gained control of the asylum.

This article is merely the Opinion of a trans advocate or activist and is so labelled.
The issue of this establishment, where women lounge about fully nude in view of
other members, is much different than a trans woman using a private stall in a
women's washroom. The issue of the surgery would be of huge importance, but
this activist dismisses that as "offensive and transphobic".
More important is why the CBC felt they should publish such a ridiculous opinion.
I suppose it is just another... more

Being male or female is coded into every part of one's DNA, itself so infinitely complicated that no human could have conceived or presently duplicate. Are Banks' "sins of others" an apt description of humanity insisting it is qualified to run the universe alone?

Let's say I identify as aboriginal, regardless of my genetic background. Can I then seek to live on a reserve and obtain tax free status? Who is the government to judge which ethnicity I identify as? Should my rights to identify with whatever I please not be enshrined in our charter? Why does gender identity get special status? Just throwing it out there.

The frontiers of Political Correctness are advancing at break-neck speed these days. It's all too hard to keep up. For those of us with families to look after, aging parents, jobs, houses to maintain, vacations to plan, dogs to walk, it can be overwhelming trying to do so. And of course we have to, as the penalty for not doing so is complete and unconditional demonisation.

It would be really useful if there was a single place that could in simple terms tell us exactly how we are supposed to.

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On this issue, you can come to me for direction:

A transwoman is a woman.

A transman is a man.

Whether either has had surgery is irrelevant. That surgery is expensive and at least here in the US, most insurance companies won't even cover it. So we need to do what we can to make transpeople feel welcome.

Then again, I know a bunch of them, so my level of ignorance is way lower than some people's.

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I do not see why people have to make things so difficult. It does not matter what gender they identify with. It is not like you are going to spend your entire time discussing the issue. Most of the time, you do not even know. What does it matter? I know a couple men who dress and act like women. I always greet them with, "Hey girl. How ya doing?" I do not know why this issue bothers people so much.

I may not be stating this very well. I just do not have a problem with it.

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