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No Salvation

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It is 12 noon, about 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and I am on my second beer since mowing the lawn, and changing the air and water filters in the basement.

Now it can be told;

As far back as I can remember, I have been a Stern fan. Ever since I heard my first rankout when he was on DC101. In the early 90's he was syndicated locally, and I have been a daily listener ever since, up to and including his move to Sirius. In late 2012, I switched jobs, and until the settled on a unit for me to operate daily, I left my Sirius unit in my pickup truck, so I barely heard Howard anymore.
After a year or so, I was placed in a dedicated unit, so I put my satellite equipment in, and got back to the Stern universe. But Stern was off air more than on, with replays and best of shows being more frequent than mind blowing radio. In my quest to be entertained and amused, I found the Ron&Fez show. Ron Bennington may be one of the most interesting people on the planet, at least on air. Through Ron's show, which has since evolved to Ron and his daughter Gail, and it rarely disappoints. Ron also was a compatriot of Howard's main competition on air, Opie and Anthony. I never listened when Anthony was on air, but Opie and Jim Norton were often entertaining, and when the channel split them up, giving each a show, the tension on air was riveting.

So months go by and this past week I realized that I did not even turn the Stern channels for his show. I still listen to the Wrap Up show occasionally, but I realized that I am no longer a Stern fan. Jim Norton and Sam Roberts in the morning are usually interesting, followed by the Wrap Up show sometimes, but usually I just go to the comedy channel and wait for Bennington to start. If I am still on the road when Bennington ends, I switch immediately to Opie, where he has a rotation of incredible comedians usually including Sherrod Small and Vic Henley, and the latest addition to the show chef Carl Ruiz, also known as the mad Cuban, who brings in his own set of amazing personalities, including Food Network stars Guy Fieri and Alex Guarnaschelli. The last hour they were on together is on YouTube, and it is worth listening to.

TL;DR I am no longer a Stern listener.

Du haxen Hase
Post 06/11/17 12:22pm
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